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Complete Eye Care in Leo, Indiana

Child - Eye Care in Leo, IN
At Leo Eye Care, Dr. Hogue and his staff perform COMPLETE eye care. After a comprehensive examination, patients are introduced to a quality selection of products by knowledgeable professionals trained in the craft of optician and optometry. You'll see the difference at Leo Eye Care.
  • State of the art optometric equipment
  • Quality selection of eye wear at Leo Family Eye Care
  • Dilated exams for diabetics and all other necessary conditions
  • Tailored vision care to each patient's needs
  • Friendly, individualized and dignified eye care
  • Appropriate referrals to specialized care providers as needed

Your Eye Exam

Eye Examination - Eye Care in Leo, IN
Dr. Hogue and the caring professionals at Leo Eye Care are focused on each patient. Your vision outcome and vision-specific needs are our only priority.
Using a state-of-the-art compilation of examination equipment and proven techniques, Dr. Hogue performs a complete and thorough dilated eye helath study that includes patient history and testing for glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes-related retina damage, macular degeneration and full refraction to determine the best fit, tailored vision prescription for glasses and contact lenses. The series of tests provide a comprehensive and professional look into your eyes to determine age and problem-focused details to fully learn about your eye health.
A GREAT exam is not possible in five or ten minutes. Unlike the fast thrift opticals that promise a “comprehensive examination” but only give their attention to the glasses correction without an advanced eye alignment and teaming or even a true assessment of each eye's health status. At Leo Eye Care, Dr. Hogue and our staff of professionals will show you the difference of a GREAT quality exam.

Vision Wellness

Woman with Apparatus - Eye Care in Leo, IN
The vision wellness examination at Leo Eye Care is a revolutionary look into the eye where modern technology is used to compare a person's vision and ocular structures to a healthy eye.
Leo Eye Care's new technology is the most cutting edge retina-imaging for finding and catching the signs of diabetic, macular degeneration and glaucoma in the earliest possible, best treatable stages - even when no symptoms are present.

Vision Wellness candidates are: diabetic patients, glaucoma patients, macular degeneration and smokers. This low cost, accurate testing will eliminate a long wait in the specialist office.
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